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Spending your summer at camp with happy kids & a high-caliber staff team, who are from all over the world, is a benefit that can’t be underestimated! You’ll develop strong friendships that will last a lifetime. You’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact upon the lives of our campers! You’ll utilize your talents & skills in your role as an instructor! You’ll learn to be more patient & understanding! You’ll learn all sorts of things about kids! You’ll learn about the summer camp business (policies, safety procedures, camp regulations)! You’ll also learn a great deal about yourself! And you’ll learn whether or not you still want to be a school teacher by the end of the summer (ha, ha)! The valuable rewards you’ll gain at Cayuga this summer will last forever! Yes indeed, your experience at summer camp is unlike any other life experience! (To read comments by parents & staff, click here.)

Summer salaries vary according to the applicant's educational background, current certifications, skill level, summer camp experience, experience working with children, general talents, and your level of ability as a player & instructor for each activity you're hired to teach.

Your salary includes a weekly laundering of your clothing and linens. Since the washing is done in bulk by cabin group, it is required that all staff members label their belongings for identification purposes. This free service is voluntary. There are local laundromats in Honesdale for those individuals who prefer to do their own laundering on their nights or days off.

Your salary includes 3 meals daily. All meals, with the exception of barbecues and cookouts, are served cafeteria-style in the Junior Campus and Teen Campus dining halls. Counselors sit with their cabin campers at assigned tables during meal times. We take a lot of pride in the quality of the food we serve to our staff. Our Food Service Manager is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureau of Food Safety and has managed Cayuga's food service for the past 5 summers. Assisting the Food Service Manager are 3 restaurant-trained chefs who prepare three well-balanced, nutritious meals daily. Our menu changes each week and is designed to appeal to the taste buds of our campers & staff. Our meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit are of the very best quality. Fruits and vegetables are served daily, in addition to a complete salad bar at the lunch and dinner meals. If you’re a vegetarian or have any other dietary restrictions, you need to discuss your limitations with us during the hiring process. (To view a typical weekly menu, click here.)

Counselors reside in comfortable modern cabins with their assigned campers. Most cabins on Junior Campus accommodate 10 campers and 2 counselors. Most Teen Campus cabins accommodate up to 21 campers and 3 counselors. Each cabin has its own bathroom. Most Junior Campus cabin bathrooms include 3 private shower stalls, 3 private toilets, and 4 sinks. Most Teen Campus cabin bathrooms include 7 private shower stalls, 7 private toilets, and 8 sinks. (To see interior photos of a typical camper cabin or to take a virtual tour of a cabin, click here.) On the other hand, Senior Staff members share a room & bathroom with another adult(s), and do not reside in the camper cabins as do counselors. Camper cabin assignments take into account the child's school grade & camp session. Counselor cabin assignments take into account your day-off schedule and your daily instructional schedule, as well as your co-cabin counselor's day-off & instructional schedule. In order to provide 24-hour supervision, there's always a counselor on duty with each cabin group!

There really isn’t much free time at camp for anyone! Our campers are “in-action” from morning until bedtime, and our staff members are “in-action” too … supervising & caring for the kids! (Click here for typical daily time schedule.)  But after your campers have retired after an action-packed day/evening program, you & your co-cabin counselor can rotate your free time in Cayuga’s staff lounge. As long as one of you are at the cabin with your campers, the other counselor can enjoy some “down-time” at the staff lounge. The lounge was recently constructed and features satellite television & high-speed internet access (you supply laptop). It’s a nice cozy place reserved exclusively for counselors, kitchen, & maintenance staff. Incidentally, the Cayuga Game Room is located in the same building and available to all counselors during downtime too! 

All staff members receive 12 nights-off and 6 days-off and during the camp’s 54-day season. Six nights-off are scheduled on the evening before your day-off and the remaining 6 nights-off take place on the evening of your day-off. For example: If your day-off is Thursday, your nights-off are Wednesday (the night before your day-off) and Thursday (the night of your day-off). For this example, you can depart camp at 7:00pm on Wednesday and need not return to camp until after midnight on Thursday night (it’s actually 12:15am on Friday). Your cabin curfew is 12:30am. (Senior Staff curfew is 1:00am.) Having a night-off, followed by a day-off, and the night of your day-off is a nice block of free time to visit the neighboring Pocono Mountain attractions, such as Bushkill Falls, white water rafting, and Scranton's discount clothing outlets. In the past, some counselors have visited other fun places like New York City, Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. In addition, Camp Cayuga is only 6 miles from the village of Honesdale (the birthplace of the American Railroad!). Honesdale is a fast-growing community loaded with many conveniences, including sandwich & coffee shops, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, K-Mart, Walmart (open 24-hours), the Townhouse diner, local library, movie theatre, laundromats, car rental service, auto repair shops, and plenty of gas stations. By the way, you’re welcome to spend your days/nights-off at camp (but you’d be crazy - ha ha!). Most camp facilities are available to off-duty staff members as long as your use doesn’t interfere with our camper’s activity program.