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Circus Arts is offered daily and includes professional instruction in a variety of acts, including juggling, plate spinning, acrobatics & tumbling, diabolo, devil sticks, clowning, etc. Circus acts, like the Spanish Web, Silk, & Lyra, are taught on single trapeze rigs. Join the Circus Clinics in July & August where you'll learn dazzling routines and perform in Cayuga's Circus Show. It's the Greatest Show in camp!


The Circus Program is offered on a daily basis and all campers are eligible to participate. While many of the world's greatest circus performers are 7th and 8th generation performers, you'll be amazed what you can learn in just one summer!

Instruction is patient and thorough with due regard for both safety and enjoyment. Campers progress at their own speed, and will learn the fundamental skills required to properly perform the Circus Act of their choice. All of our Circus Instructors are trained and supervised by the Flying Trapeze Director, who is a qualified professional circus performer.

A variety of Circus Acts are offered daily to our campers. Generally speaking, the most popular circus acts include: Juggling, Diabolo, Plate Spinning, and Devil Sticks. Precise coordination and concentration are the two basic skills you'll learn at the Circus Activity. If you're interested in learning more difficult Circus Acts, you can sign-up for advanced instruction which is available to qualified campers.

Depending upon camper interest, a Circus Clinic will be scheduled for campers who express an interest in receiving "intense instruction". Clinic participation is voluntary and campers can simply sign-up at camp. There are no age restrictions and no try-outs! It's included in the camp tuition and no advance registration is required. In the past, Cayuga's Circus Staff have taught the following acts during the Circus Clinic.

Precise balance is the fundamental skill taught for these two acts. You'll become a wizard on wheels as you learn the unique skill of riding a unicycle. And Stilt Walking is even more fun than it looks! It's astounding how quickly you'll learn how to keep your balance on the stilts while walking.

Defy gravity on the slender, shimmering silver strand - the tight wire! For training purposes, the wire is less than 3 feet off the ground, but the thrill still exists when you make it across the wire to safety! You'll be surprised how easy it is when you use our balance-pole.

The Rolling Globe Act is a lot of fun too! During the clinic, you'll learn how to keep your balance on top of the globe while you walk on it. The faster you walk - the faster the globe rolls! Our Circus Staff will teach you a few "circus secrets" to help you keep your balance.

You'll flip over these 2 acts! They're exciting "team" acts and by the end of the clinic, you'll probably be ready to take your act "on the road". But seriously, these acts are loads of fun and you don't need any gymnastics experience to participate.

Campers who participated in the Circus Clinic will perform their dazzling routines in Cayuga's Circus Show, which takes place in front of the entire camp population. It's a very exciting & thrilling Show to watch! By the end of the clinic, you'd be amazed to see the dazzling routines performed by our campers. Campers who participate in the Circus Clinic will perform their dazzling routines in Cayuga's Circus Show. It's an Evening Activity that takes place in front of the entire camp population. It's a very exciting and thrilling Show to watch!