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Paintball gets your adrenaline pumping & theme games like "King of the Hill" are really intense! Paintball Games are played every day. We use Tipman 98 Custom Markers (semi-automatic gun). You're given a face shield and 300 pellets per session. The playing area includes open fields, rolling hills, natural barriers, and dozens of man-made obstacles. Cayuga participates in the Annual Intercamp Paintball Championship Game each summer.


PAINTBALL is a non-stop action-packed activity! Paintball Games are best described as a combination of “tag” and “hide & seek”. Whether you’re “attacking” the opponent, being “hunted” by the “enemy", or playing one of our theme games like "King of the Hill" or "speedball", the thrill and excitement will get your adrenaline pumping!

Paintball Games are scheduled every day at Camp Cayuga. The activity length is about 2 hours. That’s enough time for you and your friends to play 3 or 4 games. If you enjoy intense competition, you can sign-up to play in Cayuga's Annual Intercamp Paintball Championship Game. It's a lot of fun! You'll play against kids from nearby camps. One Championship Game is scheduled in July & the other in August. Paintball Games are voluntary and incur an additional charge. Advance registration is required. The Paintball Registration Form and Release Form is accessible on our "Camp Forms" webpage or click here.

Cayuga’s large playing field is reserved exclusively for Paintball Games. The area has been specifically designed to ensure each game is challenging and fun. The Paintball Area is secluded and includes open fields, rolling hills, trees, natural obstacles, bunkers, and several man-made obstacles too. You’ll be given a Tipman 98 Custom marker. (That’s the paintball gun.) It’s a semi-automatic gun, so you don’t have to reload every time you shoot. You’ll also be given a face shield (for safety purposes), and enough paintball pellets (about 300 or more) to have a blast!

The paintball pellets are small, water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable. They won't irritate your skin. They do not stain and easily wash out of your clothes. Paintball pellets are designed to break-open upon impact. It feels like getting hit with a tennis ball.

You’ll learn a lot from a Paintball Game - planning strategies, developing teamwork, and learning what it takes to “survive”! Paintball Games also promote good sportsmanship & camaraderie among its players! You know, there are many valuable “lifelong lessons” you can learn from a paintball game. But that’s not why this adrenaline-pumping activity is so popular. Campers really enjoy Paintball Games for one simple reason - They're incredibly fun!

Cayuga follows the same safety guidelines set forth by Commercial Paintball Areas. Safety rules and regulations are reviewed before each game, and a safety shield is worn at all times. Safety is #1 Camp Cayuga. The Paintball instructors are mature qualified adults who fulfill the roles of team coaches and game referees. They are trained, evaluated, and qualified by Cayuga's Program Director.