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Drama Productions, Improvisation, Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Dance Recitals, Choir Club, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, and Evening Activities including The Big Talent Show, Stars in Your Eyes, Cabin Skit Night, MTV Night, and Puttin’ on the Hits, just to name a few.


Cayuga’s Performing Arts Program provides an opportunity for self-expression in a variety of different ways. The program emphasizes 3 main areas of instruction: Drama, Dance, and Music.

The Drama Activity includes instruction in basic acting techniques. For the more serious “actor or actress” who enjoys theatre performances, we feature The Drama Club. Our club members perform in 2 productions (1 production in each half-session). In addition to the Drama Activity and Drama Club, Cayuga’s Evening Activity Program also provides campers with an opportunity to perform on stage! Some of these evening activities include: Cabin Skit Night, MTV Night, Stars in Your Eyes, The Big Talent Show, and Puttin’ on the Hits, just to name a few.

The Dance Activity includes instruction in modern dance, ballet, and hip-hop. Yoga and Aerobic Classes are available as well. You can also join Cayuga's Dance Club and perform your routine in our Dance Recital in front of the entire camp this summer!

The Music Activity includes basic instruction in guitar and keyboards. And if you enjoy singing, you can sign-up for The Choir Club! Our musicians and singers have plenty of opportunities to perform on stage during the summer!

Cayuga’s Performing Arts Program is headed-up by the Performing Arts Director, who is typically a Theater Arts teacher during the school year. The college-age instructors, who assist the Performing Arts Director, have been hired for their theatre experience and their ability to work with children. Our staff is qualified to instruct children on all levels of ability and talent.

Acting Classes take place in the Junior Campus Performing Arts Building and on stage in the Teen Campus Rec Center. Dance, Aerobics, and Yoga Classes take place in the Dance Studio which features wall to wall mirrors, ballet bar, step-up blocks, and floor mats. There is a Dance Studio located on each campus. Music Classes take place outdoors in a quiet secluded area, as well as in the Piano Room located in the Performing Arts Building.




Performing Arts