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Since 1957 we've been hosting various organizations like Marching Bands, Youth Groups, Church & School Retreats, Training Camps, Sports Clinics, Weddings, Educational Conferences, and Corporate Events. They include small groups (30 guests) to large groups (700 guests), and range from 1-day events (family affairs) to 3-week stays (scout retreats). We provide a wide range of services to accommodate each group's individual needs. The facility is well-maintained, the camp staff is on-call 24-7, and our rates are very reasonable. Cayuga is an ACA accredited camp, owned & operated by the same family since 1964. It's located in the Pocono Mountains outside the village of Honesdale, which is a 3-hour drive from NYC and Philadelphia.

Cayuga's natural landscape divides 350 acres into two separate campuses on the same estate. This unique feature allows us to cater to 2 different groups and at the same time provide each group with exclusive use. Each campus is located on opposite sides of our lake and operates self-sufficiently with its own swimming pool, athletic/practice fields, dining hall, gymnasium, and other indoor facilities for meetings and evening events.

The cabins are comfortable and thoughtfully planned with cross ventilation. Each cabin is complete with its own modern bathroom facilities. Smaller cabins house up to 12 guests and include bathrooms with 3-5 private showers, 3-5 toilets, and 4-6 sinks. Larger cabins house up to 25 guests and include bathrooms with 5-7 private showers, 5-7 toilets, and 5-8 sinks. All cabins are equipped with smoke detectors, plenty of electrical outlets, closet, screened windows, hot/cold water, and a cubby for each guest's personal belongings. All cabins are centrally located and easily accessible to the practice fields, dining hall, and other indoor facilities. In addition to 45 cabins, private rooms are also available.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of food we serve. All meals (except for barbecues) are served cafeteria-style in our dining halls. Camp Cayuga has 2 dining halls - one on each campus. All cooking and baking is done on the camp premises. Restaurant-trained chefs prepare your well-balanced, nutritious meals daily. The menu, which is prepared by a licensed dietician, is flexible in order to appeal to the taste buds of your guests. Our meats, fish, vegetables, and fruit are of the very best quality. To see a sample "kids" menu for our summer camp season, click here.

Cayuga's staff is available 24-7 and is dedicated to catering to your group's needs. We will gladly customize your rental agreement to accommodate any special request you may have. Whether it's a special meal plan or a late-night campfire, the Cayuga staff will do their best to accommodate your group.

The benefits of holding a "Camp" for your organization are well proven. By being away from "home", you're guaranteed undivided attention, no interruptions, and 100% attendance. Just "being away from home" will pull your group together and help strengthen group spirit and enthusiasm!

* 2 Separate Campuses!
* Modern comfortable cabins (private showers, toilets, sinks)
* 2 Regulation-size football fields (1 on each campus)
* 4 Practice fields (2 on each campus)
* 2 Dining halls (1 on each campus)
* 2 Swimming pools (1 on each campus)
* 13 Acre natural stream-fed lake
* 2 Gymnasiums (1 on each campus)
* 2 Pavilions (1 on each campus)
* Tennis Center (10 courts)
* Indoor & outdoor basketball courts
* Small & large meeting rooms
* Quality food service
* Exclusive use available
* 350 Private acres to explore and hike!

Current daily rate is approximately $40 per person. Our rates are based upon the size of your group, your rental dates, and length of your stay. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a top-notch facility, good food service, a friendly atmosphere, and a caring staff.

Camp Cayuga operates as a Recreational Center during the late Spring and late Summer months. The facility is available for group rentals during this time. From late June to mid-August, Cayuga operates exclusively as a residential coed summer camp for children and is not available for group rentals.

We're proud of our operation, but don't take our word for it. Hear for yourself why our modern facilities, comfortable cabins, nutritious meals, and courteous staff are 4 top reasons why we've successfully hosted groups for over 50 years! We'll gladly provide you with references.

Mineola High School, Bloomfield High School, West Essex High School, Hackettstown High School, Old Bridge High School, South Plainfield High School, Morris Knolls High School, Morris Hills School, Arlington High School, Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps.

Colt Cross-Country Track Camp, National Circus Project Trapeze Training Clinic, Academy of Pediatrics, Church of our Savior, Providence Hmong Alliance Church, Canaan Christian Academy, Fourth Presbyterian Church of Bethesda, Marthoma Church Retreat, Hart Family Reunion (from Virginia), Ebenezer Assembly of God, Mountain Teachings Karate.

Arthur Johnson High School, David Brearley High School, Delbarton High School, Wardlow High School, Montclair Kimberley Academy.

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