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The Annual Winter Reunion is a tradition at Camp Cayuga and a special event we all look forward to each year. It’s a great opportunity to get together and renew summer camp friendships. The Cayuga Reunion is always a fun time for everyone!

To be determined.

Invited Cayuga Campers from last summer, their siblings, and their parents/drivers.

Space in Englewood, New Jersey located at 491 South Dean Street, Englewood, New Jersey 07631. For driving directions, click here. Pass Jerry's Gourmet Deli, go under the Route 4 overpass, and continue for 2 blocks. It's on the left side. The cross streets are Rockwood Place and East Sheffield Avenue.

· Space is a huge indoor Family Entertainment Center. It’s loaded with 26,000 square feet of entertainment including hundreds of amusing games and attractions. It’s the coolest “space” for galaxy fun! For more information about Space, click here.
· The Arcade Room includes over 100 high-tech video games and redemption games like “Deal or no Deal”, “Guitar Hero”, and so many others. The Arcade Room features the best games in the metropolitan area.
· Laser Tag and Paintless Paintball are played in a glow-in-the-dark arena. Campers can enjoy these 2 high-tech extreme sport games in an exclusive 3000 square foot area inside Space. There’s no paint and no mess!
· Thunder Bowl is a really cool glow-in-the-dark Bowling Alley.
· The Space Ship is a 3-level indoor playground area including an Alien Train Ride.

When you want to take a break from the arcade games, laser tag, paintless paintball, bowling, and all of the attractions Space has to offer, you’ll want to stop-by the basketball court to watch 1000’s of photographs taken from last summer. We’ll be playing Cayuga’s Summer Yearbook DVD non-stop! The photographs are guaranteed to bring a BIG smile to your face!

Camp Cayuga has exclusive use of Space Odyssey from 10:00am to 1:00pm. The “general public” will not be permitted to enter Space during this time. The only individuals permitted inside Space include the Cayuga campers from last summer (who are invited to attend), their parents/drivers, and siblings of Cayuga campers who are eligible to attend camp next summer.

Cayuga staff will be in attendance and will supervise the campers while they’re inside Space from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  Parents/drivers are not required to remain at the reunion to supervise their camper. However, if the camper's sibling (non-camper) plans to attend, we kindly ask the parent to remain at Space to supervise their non-camper sibling.

Parents/drivers are welcome to remain at Space during the reunion. Space has a separate lounge reserved just for parents, as well as other seating areas throughout the facility. (Coffee & bagels will be served between 10:00am - 11:00am in the Parent Lounge.) If you’re dropping-off your camper, plan to do so anytime after 10:00am. When picking-up your camper, plan to do so promptly at 1:00pm.

Camp Cayuga will provide doughnuts and refreshments (juice & bottled water) to the campers. Space does feature its own Snack Bar which sells snacks and drinks.

Camp Cayuga will provide each camper/non-camper sibling free-of-charge unlimited gaming on all arcade games, and unlimited access to Laser-Tag, Paintless Paintball, and Glow-In-The-Dark Bowling. There is no charge to attend the reunion.


If your camper plans to attend the reunion, you’re required to complete the “Winter Reunion Registration Form.” This will require you to log into your account, click “Forms & Documents” on your dashboard and then click “Winter Reunion Registration.” This will be accessible on our websites "Camp Forms" page in October. Please complete the form in its entirety.


All accepted Winter Reunion Registration Forms will be confirmed by email to the camper's parents.

Campers should plan to arrive at 10:00am or shortly thereafter. We encourage all campers to stay for the entire reunion! We’ll sign-in your camper upon entering Space. Once signed-in, your camper will not be permitted to leave Space without signing-out. Only parents (or authorized drivers) are permitted to sign-out their campers. Parents/drivers should plan to pick-up their camper promptly at 1:00pm, which is when the reunion ends. We sure hope you can make it!


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