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Feel free to call us for names of families who have attended Cayuga in the past, or click here to email us. They will be happy to give you an objective appraisal of our camp operation and programs.

"Just wanted to thank everyone for another excellent year at Cayuga. Lena told us that this was one of her best summers she has had. She was really sad to see camp end and shared so many stories with us. So, please send us the early-bird registration form because it looks like she will want to spend her 8th summer at Cayuga!” The Young Family, New York.

“Lexie had a wonderful time at Camp Cayuga … We are very impressed with your organization. The quality of your staff is excellent… we were so happy that Lexie could have a good time and we could relax and know that she was having a safe and positive experience. Thank you again.” Marlena Steinberg, California.

“The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the extra effort that Ed (Division Director) put forth in making my son Kyle’s stay at Cayuga a pleasant one… I’d like to thank you for running such a great camp. It’s obvious that a lot of careful thought goes into the selection of your programs and staff.” Donald Seagraves, New Jersey.

“Once again you never cease to amaze me. I can’t thank you enough for all of the caring and support for our daughter, AlexaAnn. Your hard work paid off! She had a wonderful time and is looking forward to next year.” Tkacsik Family, New York.

“It was a pleasure speaking with you on visiting day. We had a great time visiting our children, Lori and Philip. They are having a wonderful time. Brian, thanks for a great summer from the Stock Family. What a great surprise to receive a box full of Camp Cayuga hats. We love them! Yes, we are definitely a ’hat’ family and now we have plenty to choose from. Thank you for being so thoughtful and many thanks for the many years of fun summers”. Lori Stock, New Jersey.

“The purpose of this email is to let you know that you have a fabulous staff. Mary Jo, the Teen Division Director, is wonderful and goes well beyond that which is expected. She always goes the extra step to make sure things go right. She’s very reassuring to a mother who is 200 miles away from camp… I give your staff high marks.” Joyce Poupko, New York.

“Thank you so much for being so accommodating regarding my family tour of Cayuga last weekend. Everyone I’ve spoken to, at your camp office and at the camp site, has been so pleasant, nice, and helpful. I am really impressed…” Susan Zacks, Maryland.

“My daughter Catherine attended her 4th year at Cayuga. This was her best time so far. I want to commend you for enforcing the camp rules… Thank you for working so hard to maintain such high standards for the camp.” Barnao Family, New York.

“After 8 years at Cayuga between Cassie and Ricky, we just wanted to say thanks. We have the highest regard for Camp Cayuga and appreciate all you have done. Cassie is looking forward to being a counselor in a few years.” The Kreitner Family, New Jersey.

“I just wanted to tell you that Dani & Jordie had an incredible time at Cayuga. They both made great friends, a few of which they’ve already seen since camp. As a former Cayuga Camper, it truly is such a treat to have my daughters experience the same ‘The Cayuga Spirit’ I had experienced as a camper. Cayuga looks great and we look forward to many more great summers with you.” Terri Gerstman, Florida.

“A big thanks from the Simmons Family for the informative and fun Open House. Rosie has gone from “there must be some mistake” to “I can’t wait to go!”. You all did your jobs well and we feel great about our choice. Thanks.” Carmine Simmons, New Jersey.

“I wanted to let you know what a great job Dawn (Division Director) did in helping my daughter Annie deal with her initial homesickness. This was Annie’s first time away from home and she was quite homesick. Dawn was so terrific in comforting Annie, hugging her, watching out for her, and in general taking her under her wing. Given the scope of Dawn’s job, the personal touch she showed Annie was great…” Carol Madole, New York.

“Michelle had a wonderful summer at Cayuga - from the moment the bus picked her up to the very last day of camp! She was happy, smiling, and those wide eyes of hers said it all. And thank Steve for our tour. I could see then that this summer would be very special for Michelle. Thank you for a wonderful summer.” Ian Vu, Maryland.

“Dear Brian, I completed the after-camp survey but since I ran out of space, I’m adding this note. I was looking for a camp with a lot of energy and spirit where each child, regardless of their abilities, could feel accomplished and appreciated – and Cayuga is that place. Keep up the terrific sense of joy and fun. Thanks!” Ann Witkes, Pennsylvania.

“When a parent sends their children away to their first sleepaway summer camp, the priority is for them to be safe and remain healthy. Secondly, to have tremendous amounts of fun and excitement. Thanks to all of you, Jeff and Sam had the ‘best’ summer camp experience. I firmly believe that Jeff and Sam are more confident and mature after this experience.” The Slotoroff Family, New York.

“At first when my daughters discovered your camp over the internet, I was hesitant to send them especially since we never found anyone locally who heard of your camp… My daughters ended up having a fantastic time and I wanted to let you know this. If you ever need a Michigan reference, please have them call me. Thanks again for offering a wonderful camp to our children. They’ll definitely be back next year.” Joanne Nosan, Michigan.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with you all yesterday at Open House. Your staff was very delightful and informative. We were struck not only by the beautiful setting, but also by Cayuga’s organization and attention to detail. You definitely passed the white glove test! … upon our return home Nick announced to his friend that ‘Cayuga was perfect’. I’m confident that we made the right camp choice.” Maria Donaldi, New York.

“The years I worked at camp gave me a sense of responsibility and taught me that through hard work and perseverance I could accomplish whatever goals I set. I valued the confidence and trust you had in me and appreciated the encouragement you gave. Cayuga taught me how to deal with different types of people effectively and this has proved to be one of the most helpful lessons in life I have had. It has served me well and indeed has contributed greatly to my success. Those summers at camp helped shape my life. I consider those years to be some of the happiest times I have had.” Dr. Roy Frieband (Horsemanship Director), Arizona.

“Our family enjoyed meeting with you and we very much appreciated your visit to our home. As new campers, having our questions personalized meant a great deal to us. You are a fine ambassador for camping and for Camp Cayuga. We all thank you.” Deborah Wallace, New York.

“I would like to take the time to thank you for stopping by our restaurant. It was such a pleasure to serve such an organized group of individuals (Busch Gardens Trip). The youngsters in your group are the best of any group we have ever served. We would love to have your group back at any time”. Michael Benner, Virginia.

“It is with much thanks that I write. Ilyssa had the best camp experience at Cayuga and enjoyed her stay very much. Your camp is extremely well run and organized, and everyone benefits. I have seen enormous growth this year in my daughter’s attitude, thanks to you…” Rhoda Mark, New York.

“Thanks a million for helping make summer camp a positive and successful experience for Antwann. The talks you had with him hit home. He had exposure to enlightening encounters with international children, which is what I had hoped for. He now understands how many different people can come together and have lots of fun and live together. You make wonderful things happen for children.” Kevin Hunt, Illinois.

“I felt a special connection with you and your family from the early days of my employment at Cayuga, which continues today. You are a great boss and it is an honor to call you my friend. I look forward to many more future summers with you at Cayuga. Thanks for everything.” Mary Jo Harmon (Division Director), Virginia.

“I chose this camp on the recommendation of a friend because it attracts a cross cultural and multi-national group of children. The camp offers exposure to a wealth of activities”. Toni Jackson, St Thomas, Virgin Islands “Island Life”.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all you have done to make this such a wonderful summer for my daughter Jill. It was a thrill for me to see her looking so wonderful and being so radiant and happy. As you know, the decision on the selection of a sleepaway camp for Jill's first summer was a major one for me and I am glad I made the right choice. Thank you for all your kindness." Rita Chouinard, New York.

“I want to thank you for the wonderful time my son Juan had your camp. I can not believe how much English he did learn. I’m am very happy to see how much he’s learned. He is very happy and wants to return next year. He is missing all his friends. They only talk about Cayuga.” Juan Pena, Columbia, South America.

“Thank you for the lovely Parent’s Day experience. I was fortunate to have video taped our day. I’ve already played it 3 times. The camp looks spectacular. (In fact I was trying to recruit a family for next year.) My guest commented that what impressed her most was that every child she saw had a smile on their face! It’s comforting to know Danny is having such a great life experience. Maria Barreiro, New York.

"Dear Brian, I would like to thank you for an amazing summer. I learned more than I ever thought possible, and I really miss camp. You're right, the pictures & the memories will last a lifetime. Before I went to camp, I really wasn't sure if I wanted to be a teacher or not. Now I am convinced of my career plans. Thanks again!" Lisa Rooney, Cabin Counselor, Ohio.

“I just wanted to tell you that Rodrijo and Sara had a great time at Cayuga and they want to go back next year...” Isabel de Botton, Portugal.

"I am writing this letter to commend you on such a super job in not only running a camp with kids from all over the country, but affording them with such a wealth of lifetime experiences. I am sure that my children's lives will be forever changed as a result of the efforts of you and your staff. Thank You." Dr. Archie Mays, California.

“Before deciding which camp to choose, we read more than a dozen brochures of different camps, & were convinced that Cayuga was best. This was confirmed by our visit during your Open House, and the camping experience was to our expectation. The days at Cayuga will be remembered by Akiko for many years." Mitsuaki Okabe, New Jersey.

"We want to thank you for those seven summers and, as we submit Robby's registration form for "Hecker Cayuga Summer Number Eight", we want to reiterate our confidence and trust in the Buynak family, and your very creative and secure administration of Camp Cayuga. We are firmly committed to the ideals of Camp Cayuga, and to the safe, happy environment it provides for our children. We have never, for a moment, wavered in that commitment." Anita & Henry Hecker, New York City.

"I thank you and the entire Camp Cayuga organization for having made the summer a truly unforgettable one for both Karen and Alona...remembering how my wife and I sat for many nights considering if we should send the kids to summer camp in the United States and if so to which camp, I am grateful it all worked out so well." The Jaffe Family, Ramat Gan, Israel.

"I have been very happy to hear from Danielle and Lauren that they are having a great time at Camp. They sound happy and enthusiastic and I am very pleased. Thank you for making their summer a special one.” Elissa and George Shababb, New York.

"I have to tell you how much we enjoyed receiving a birthday card from you. Also the camp calendar & photo of Andrea's cabin was a real treat. We do appreciate your thoughtfulness..." The Drillings Family, New York.

"Both Koji and Eri insisted on going back to the U.S.A. this summer so they can join you at Cayuga once again. We apppreciate your thoughtfulness and cooperation and do hope everything will work out wonderfully at Camp Cayuga this year as it did last year." The Torii Family, Yokoyama, Japan.

"I want to again thank you for the best summer of my life. My summer at Camp Cayuga was such a rewarding experience. I really enjoyed the kids and staff. I am very excited about working at Camp Cayuga next summer....and hope to win the Olympics again. I hope my suggestions on the counselor questionnaire will be of some assistance in planning events for next summer...Keeping in touch with my campers has been a lot of fun. Some are even coming to visit me at school for "little siblings" weekend. What a fun reunion that will be!" Julie Fleming, Counselor, Connecticut.

"I just wanted to thank everyone for the good time that Chris had at camp. He wanted to stay longer so there is no higher praise for your efforts. See you next summer." The Martino Family, New Jersey.

"I'd like to thank everybody who put a lot of effort into making a wonderful summer for my daughter Svetlana...especially her counselors Tina, Jodi and Sheryl." The Tashlitsky Family, New York.

"Joshua had a wonderful time at camp. We thank you for personally checking out all that we spoke about...Ian and Brad, his counselors, did a fine job and added a lot to Joshua's positive camp experience at Camp Cayuga." The Sarnell Family, New Jersey.

"I want to thank you for having a Camp Mom, she is so wonderful! Neither Hannah nor I would have survived without her. I 'm sure Hannah will take the success of her adjustment & come out stronger & more confident...her counselors were also terrific...I want you to know personally how great we feel about the Cayuga staff." Ellen Feuer, New York.

" I just wanted to thank you for a very nice, calm and happy visiting day. Everyone was pleasant and made the day pleasant. I was so pleased with my daughter's cabin-mates and counselors. Danielle seemed very happy. We're looking forward to next summer at Cayuga. The Rosens, New York.

"I cannot find enough superlatives to use to describe my feelings about your camp. This feeling was enhanced as I spoke to your staff. They not only put me at ease with regards to leaving my son for the first time but also welcomed by son with enthusiasm! Your genuine concern was truly touching!" The Mason Family, New Jersey.

"It's funny that after 25 years I'm back in one of your camps. I always wanted to tell you that my summers at your camp were the best times of my life!...I look back and remember a lot of good things. See you next year with my son Mike." Joan Condel, Waterfront Director, Pennsylvania.

"As a social worker, with many years of experience dealing with people, I was impressed with your ability to convey to me, a distraught mother, a real sense of caring, interest, and honesty concerning my child. You provided support to both Carrie and me...In total, I was pleased with Camp Cayuga's facilities, staff and activities." The Carney Family, New York.

"Just a short note to let you know how satisfied my wife and I were with the job you all did with Grant. This is aside from all of the awards he won. He gained independence...I don't see how he could have enjoyed himself any more or taken advantage any more of all you offer. It was absolutely beyond our general expectations." Freeman Family, New Jersey.

"We would like to thank you for a wonderful summer for our children, Jason & Danny. Both boys had a great time and their counselors were very nice. Jason had an exceptionally good year with his cabinmates. Your choice for him was excellent, as he has made many lasting friendships. We appreciate you going out of your way to make this a special summer...they're eagerly awaiting next summer." The Rosenthal Family, New York.

"You have relieved my fears and anxieties about Jenny being away at camp. She cannot stop telling us all the stories and what she learned. Thank you all very much for the wonderful job you do with the children." The Evans Family, New York.

"Thank you so much for the time you spent taking us around at camp. Your pride and caring are obvious! Our tour of Cayuga was informative. It is a lovely facility. The Scata Family, Connecticut.

"Again, I am appreciative of the excellent care and experiences with which you're providing Amy and Keisha. Thank you so very much for the same, and, I wish you all the best in continuing." Dr. Lorraine Boykin, New York.

“Brian, thank you for providing a wonderful camp for children. We realize it is a tremendous responsibility and that it involves much valuable time, energy and creativity on your part to make it successful, fun, and safe. Brett said you are always on the camp… and that you even eat the camp food!!! He was very impressed and admired you. Thank you again.” The Harris Family, Pennsylvania.

"Thank you for making Adam's summer his best ever. Adam came home from camp a different kid. He's so much more mature and self-confident...He's getting along better with his sister and friends and can't wait to return next summer." The Gerzoffs, New Jersey.

"Thanks for your concern for Chrissy. Your phone calls helped us and I know you helped alleviate Chrissy's homesickness. She won't want to come home." The Wagenvoord Family, New York.

"What have you done to my children? They have come back full of fun stories, more beautiful than ever! Thanks to you and all the staff for giving them such a great time!" The Hamman Family, New Jersey.

“We want to thank you very much for the wonderful camp experience enjoyed by our daughter Zoe. She was a first-time camper and her first words on returning home were, “I want to go back next summer”! She had lots of fun, made many new friends, and had much praise for her counselors… Jill Russell, New York.

"When I requested your literature, I never anticipated more than a 2 week stay...Well, it turned out to be the full season. It was a fantastic growth experience for Eric & Lisa. They returned secure, confident, self-disciplined, and with a wealth of memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for enriching my children's lives." Janice Cunnane, Pennsylvania.

“Every summer I miss Cayuga a little more. I hope to return someday. It was a bit of heaven. My children, Zion & Austin, had such wonderful experiences there. Please give your dad my regards. Sorry to hear about your mom. I loved her from the very first day I met her. She helped me a great deal.” Patti Jensen (Senior Staff), Pennsylvania.