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Camp Cayuga is an accredited member of the American Camping Association (ACA). Cayuga is inspected by officially trained and certified camp visitors for the purpose of verifying compliance with over 150 ACA Camping Standards in the areas of Administration, Program, Site, Personnel, and Facilities. We have exceeded their standards on every inspection! At Camp Cayuga, we are committed to the highest standards established for the camping industry and are proud to operate an accredited ACA camp.  To learn more about what it means to be an accredited camp, click here.

We are also annually inspected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Departments of Environmental Resources, Health, and Agriculture. Inspections by these state agencies cover buildings, dining halls, kitchens, infirmaries, septic systems, drinking water, swimming pool water, and lake water. Our standards have consistently exceeded any of those mentioned.

Camp Cayuga is also a proud member of the Camp Archery Association (CAA), Camp Horsemanship Association (CHA), United States Tennis Association (USTA), American Red Cross (ARC), Flying Trapeze Association, National Rifle Association (NRA), and the Wayne County Camp Alliance (WCCA). Simply put, we wouldn’t operate a summer camp we could not be proud of.